Server Management

Server Management (Linux)

Our pro-active server management program for Linux servers.

Server Management (Windows)

Our pro-active server management program for Windows servers. Includes commercial AV and Firewall.

New Server Setup

We will set up your server from scratch including any control panel you wish to use. Includes optimizing system for intended applications such as WordPress or general hosting. Server security is the primary focus and we will include installation and configuration of firewall and anti-virus and malware.

Server Checkup

We will perform a detailed analysis at your current hosting environment including the current security settings, status of system updates, current performance bottlenecks and we will correct what we can during this service and make recommendations as to what else could be done to help improve performance or security issues.

WordPress Cleanup and Security

If your WordPress site is hacked or having performance issues, our skilled team can get it cleaned up in no time and review your system to improve performance. Includes six months of Web Application Firewall protection as well!

AWS Management (3 Hr/Mo)

On-Demand AWS management services includes any operating and configuration needed in your AWS structure. Package includes three hours per month with the ability to roll over one month's worth of hours.